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Multi-User Twitter Data Analysis Tool!

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HERIT-DATA promotes the use of smart and open data to better manage tourism flows in natural and cultural heritage sites.

The project aims to identify innovative solutions, with the support of new technologies and big data, to reduce the negative impacts of tourism on cultural and natural heritage sites.

The issue is not Tourism itself, or the number of people visiting places, it is how tourism flows are managed !

HERIT-DATA has defined a set of @indicators to collect data about tourism flows and is developing an @online platform to analyze this data. The platform will help policymakers, destination managers, cities and sites to anticipate and manage the tourism flows in a smarter way. An App will use this data and help visitors to better organize their visits. All these tools will be tested in @six pilot sites in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Greece, Italy and Spain.

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Natural Language Processing

  • This Multi-User Data Analysis Tool is based on a set of simple and complex searches made on the social media platform of micro blog:Twitter.
  • A Logged User can create it's ownChannel where it is possible to define users, hashtags or keywords to monitor
  • In a Channel you can monitor different metrics such as:

Tweets Flow Analysis

Based on the total of tweets generated based on the settings of the defined channel.

Most Important Tweets

On the Channel based on Sentiment Analysis Score.

Advanced Natural Language Processing Analysis

You will be able to discover which are the most important hashtags and more!